Your Vacation of A Lifetime Is Waiting in Belize

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October 2, 2018
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Your Vacation of A Lifetime Is Waiting in Belize

Are you dreaming of getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Have you ever fantasized about visiting a pristine natural landscape where the perfume of a thousand tropical flowers fills the air? If so, it’s time to book your vacation to Belize!

Whether you’ve never ventured overseas before, or you’re a seasoned traveler, there’s something magical about Belize. It only takes a couple of hours to reach this tiny Caribbean nation, but it is truly a world apart. And nobody in Belize is looking at foreign visitors as customers, only friends they haven’t met yet. And if that seems too hokey to be true, you simply must visit Belize!

Travel broadens your perspectives and gets you outside of your head. Exploring a new land is a great way to learn to live in the moment. In Belize, GPS isn’t how you get around because many streets are unmarked. Instead, the best way to get around is to stop and ask a local.

But it’s the healing power of nature that is perhaps Belize‘s greatest draw. Staying in a jungle tree house lodge is much more than just interesting background scenery but a way to reconnect to natural rhythms. It’s about waking up to the sound of tropical birds singing, about seeing a brightly colored frog scamper into the undergrowth, or simply the peaceful sight of seeing a majestic mahogany tree stretch towards the sky.

One of the best places to reconnect, relax, and recharge is at the finest Belize tree houses lodge in the country, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. The elegant structures are no rickety DIY construction but truly luxurious lodging high up in the pristine rainforest canopy. And whether you’re coming on your honeymoon, with a special someone, as part of a family vacation, or solo trek to explore the world, you’ll love staying in one of these Belize tree house hotels.

Over 25 years ago, a Canadian explorer fell in love with the wild and beautiful nature and founded Caves Branch. Belize became his second home, one that you too can enjoy. Each scrap of lumber was carried into the jungle to build the tree houses in Cayo, Belize, to make Caves Branch one of the few Belize jungle lodges to offer such a unique guest experience.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a Belize treehouse Airbnb type experience, book your stay at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge today.

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