You Need a Belize Beach & Jungle Adventure Vacation This Summer

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You Need a Belize Beach & Jungle Adventure Vacation This Summer

Belize Beach jungle vacation this summer

We, humans, are an odd species. Even though most of us live far from the ocean, there’s something primordial inside of us that draws us, time and time again, to return to the sea. And we all know that no visit to a dingy campsite or standing in line at an overcrowded amusement park will ever compare to a beach and jungle vacation.

Science has now confirmed what we all know. According to a recent joint study published by Michigan State University and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have shown that simply gazing at the ocean is good for our psychological health. Even when adjusting their results to count for income level, social status, and background, the researchers discovered that looking at blue water produces a calming, relaxing effect. Researchers also discovered, to no one’s surprise, that spending time in natural green spaces also has a positive effect.

In Belize, beaches and jungles are simply everywhere. The country has more than 200 miles of Caribbean coastline, much of it in the form of pristine, white sand beaches. And, if that weren’t enough, Belize also has hundreds of tropical islands complete with palm trees, blue skies, and astonishingly beautiful panoramas of the sea. Furthermore, half of the country is covered by dense jungle, and 80% of its rainforest remains under government protection, much of it unexplored.

Instead of piling in the family wagon and spending countless, sweaty hours to catch a glimpse of an overcrowded beach, why not head to Belize this year for your vacation? Just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, Belize is a friendly, tropical paradise where everyone speaks English.

Best of all, when you choose Belize, vacation packages include all of the fun and excitement of the beach with equally rewarding excursions on the mainland. The lush rainforests and thick jungles are home to a myriad of exotic fauna ranging from tiny, iridescent hummingbirds to the silent majesty of pumas and jaguars.

Belize vacations are much more than just a chance to get away from the stresses and strains of your everyday life. In Belize, nature is the main attraction, and exploring this cornucopia of colorful, tropical wilderness is, truly, a balm for the soul. Fresh air perfumed by a thousand jungle flowers, watching clouds of butterflies dance at the base of a waterfall, and impossibly ancient Maya cities provide a vacation experience like no other.

This summer, choose nature and a destination where you can truly get away from it all, a land like Belize that will heal your body, refresh your mind, and rejuvenate your soul.

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