Why You Benefit More From Belize All Inclusive Adventure Packages vs. Single Room Rates

Stunning Adventure Lodge to Stay in Belize
Stunning Adventure Lodge to Stay in Belize
June 1, 2019
Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation
Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation. You Can Make it Happen!
June 13, 2019

Why You Benefit More From Belize All Inclusive Adventure Packages vs. Single Room Rates

belize adventure packages vs room only

Vacation packages are the best innovations to come along since Caribbean resort owners began offering them, say plenty of veteran travelers who find them convenient, cost-saving and stress-free. But some tourists are skeptical, questioning whether individual room rates make more sense than packages, and so the debate goes on.

According to “Conde Nast Traveler” magazine writer Sean O’Neill, this conundrum has become so polarizing, a survey conducted by Hotwire (but only released to members of the travel community) found that 40-percent of people surveyed were convinced that savings were assured by booking packages, another 40-percent said just the opposite and 20-percent were so confused, they had no opinion!

For frequent Belize visitors who have fallen in love with the adventures, accommodations, and extras available to them at Ian Anderson’s Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge, consensus is clear: by the time travelers break out individual accommodation, meal and tour preferences, adventure package savings are evident. If you decide to do research for yourself and crunch some numbers, factor in these benefits:

-Did you know that resorts with “loyalty programs” add as much as $12 a day to rooms to fund these programs while package deals actually eliminate costs because savings are easier to factor in?
-Are you aware of the fact that last-minute packages have been called “the most underappreciated bargains” on the planet by Condee Nast?
-Do you know the difference between dynamic and stable packages? Stable packages are bare bones offerings while dynamic packages are designed around traveler’s preferences rather than a resort’s bottom line.

Currently, adventure and health vacations are hot. That’s why you’ll find so many options within Cave’s Branch tours. If you need more convincing about the wisdom of Belize all inclusive packages, consider these:

1. Pricing is transparent; you relax knowing that unless you shop your brains out, you won’t overspend.
2. Packages equal consistency. Count on tried-and-true activities and cultural experiences.
3. You won’t find a more convenient way to sort out details. Plans are put in place for you from the get-go, so you arrive, collapse and put your brain on autopilot.
4. Hassle? What hassle? There’s a chair reserved for you every night of your stay at the Lodge’s restaurant and a bar stool, too. Need a snack? Just ask and don’t bother to take out your wallet.
5. You will already have selected the package that most appeals to you before leaving home, so your only job is to ask when your hiking, bird watching, cave tubing or Maya ruins tour leaves and dress appropriately.

Ian Anderson’s Cave’s Branch Jungle packages give travelers 7 dynamic options and each one is packed with perks that run the gamut from heart-pounding tours to accommodations that include romantic treehouses.

How do delicious meals, plenty of your favorite beverages and all of the luxury you could ask for without being handed a bill before you leave sound? If you’re not already a fan of Belize all inclusive adventure packages, one trip to Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize could be all it takes to make you a believer.

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