Belize Waterfalls

Belize is so famous for its lush rainforest and tropical islands that it's often forgotten that the country is home to the tallest and most majestic waterfalls in all of Central America.

Most of Belize's most magnificent waterfalls are located in the country's western Cayo District, including the Thousand Foot Falls that sends a tremendous cascade of water plunging more than 1,600 feet into the valley below. Other waterfalls in Belize are less flashy, hidden away in isolated glens, their plunge pools serving as home to colorful clouds of butterflies.

Caves Branch Lodge offers guests a unique chance to brave six different waterfalls in a single day. By following an ancient river cave, participants must then gear up to tackle these waterfalls one at a time. Some include ancient Maya sites that were once used to perform sacred religious ceremonies. 

This is no picnic. The Waterfall Cave Expedition is for physically fit individuals who are ready to tackle the ultimate climbing adventure. The tour begins with a vigorous 30-minute hike through the jungle followed by 45 minutes trekking through an enormous cave. From there, it's up, up, and away until the top of the waterfalls is reached and the true fun begins, including a well-deserved plunge into the refreshing pools below.


$90US pp + 12.5% tax



Lunch, helmet, headlamp, life vest & water


Minimum Requirement:

2 persons



Daily once minimum requirement is met. Single persons can pay for the 2nd person if they are the only ones requesting this adventure.


Intensity Level:

(5 of 5 sweat drops)
Difficult - All participants must be fit and agile. There is a 30 minute jungle hike at the beginning and end of the tour. Another 45 minutes hike inside the cave to the waterfall and back to the entrance. Vigorous rock climbing up through the cascading waterfalls and pool plunging are a part of this trip not negotiable.

Age Recommendation:
Mature 10 yrs old and up


Mandatory Clothing:

Comfortable light weight long pants and shirt that allow for movement and can get wet. Well treaded sneakers, hiking boots, and mosquito repellent. Water shoes or TEVAS are not allowed for reasons of safety.

This Adventure is subject to high water levels from time to time throughout the year and may be replaced with another tour. Read about cancellation notices. This is a very demanding adventure.

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