Is Caves Branch Right For You?


Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co. and Jungle Lodge is neither a sightseeing business nor a Resort!

All of our expeditions can be strenuous and designed for the adventurous spirit. We do understand that they as well as our lodge property is not for everyone.

Our accommodations are located in the heart of the Jungle off the grid and the Jungle Lodge is also considered home to many jungle creatures and they do often visit our guest facilities. We clean and maintain our accommodations very well, but sometimes a creepy-crawly will come to visit. Also remember that we are in the rain forest so it is not unusual to have short bouts of intense rain. Tours are rarely cancelled due to rain and it just adds to the fun and if any are, these would be the water based tours that depend on the right water levels.

Amenities such as Air Conditioning, Wifi, Hairdryers & Irons are not available in our jungle accommodations. (WIFI has been recently installed and offered only at the Main Lodge (Dining, Bar and Reception Area). We operate on generator power which limits our ability to use or offer these items in all rooms. We ask that guests refrain from downloading videos or other large files during “on” times… Please note that due to our location in the jungle, regular electrical outlets will not be found in all of our rooms. You are welcome to charge any electrical units such as phones, cameras, Ipods, etc. at our lodge office- check with our Guest Services desk for assistance while you are here.

Please Remember, Caves Branch is NOT a resort-we are a unique Jungle Adventure Lodge… We are however committed to making your stay enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable, so if you are not satisfied or something is not right let us know right away and we'll do what everything in our power to change what is wrong.

If you are looking for a jungle resort that is sanitized from its surroundings ... then we are not it!

Toll free: 1-866-357-2698

Local: 610-3451

Fax: 1-888-810-1333