Explore to a higher level on this full day adventure into neighboring Guatemala at the world famous Tikal Maya Ruins. This expedition is meant to showcase the amazing ability of these ancient people in their architecture, irrigation water systems and their grand plazas. It is one of the largest archaeological centers of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization and is located in the archaeological region of northern Guatemala. Located in the area known as Peten, Guatemala, the Tikal National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. This site was one of the rival Mayan sites of Caracol in Western Belize.
Your ride to the ruins will pass beautiful locations such as Lake Peten Itza- one of Guatemala’s most popular spots, with views of the island of Flores- in the distance. The highway into Tikal Park is filled with wildlife which you may be lucky enough to see. 
Your tour leaves the lodge at 6:00AM and return between 5:30-6:00PM. The adventure trip includes:
  • Round trip transportation 
  • Guatemalan border and park fees 
  • Four hours of guided tour at the site and enough time to walk around on your own 
  • Optional stops on way back for photographs and shopping
  • Breakfast is included 
*Guests must pay their own Belize departure tax ($20US pp-persons over 12 yrs)
Visitors with US passports or the new bar-coded EU passport do not require a visa to enter into Guatemala. All other visitors should check with their embassy about getting a multiple entry visa for Belize and a Guatemalan visa if they plan to visit Tikal.
NOTICE: For guests who do require a VISA to enter Belize-if you were given a single entry visa on arrival in Belize, you will not be able to travel to TIKAL as you will not be allowed to re-enter Belize a second time. All travellers to Tikal must have a “multi-entry visa” in order to visit these amazing ruins.


$175US pp


Surcharge on packages



Guide, transportation to & from Tikal & park entrance fees to Tikal park.


Minimum Requirement:

4 persons



Tues, Thurs & Sat weekly once minimum requirement is met.


Intensity Level:
(2 of 5 sweat drops)

Age Recommendation:
4 yrs old and up


Mandatory Clothing:
Comfortable light weight long pants or shorts and a light shirt that allow for easy movement. Well threaded sneakers, or high quality walking shoe, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sun hat, camera & extra batteries.

Lunch & Belize departure tax are not included & are to be paid by visitor directly. Valid passport is required.

Toll free: 1-866-357-2698

Local: 610-3451

Fax: 1-888-810-1333