The Most Kickass Belize Treehouse You’ve Ever Seen Is Right Here

Spend Your Belize Honeymoon In A Romantic Tree House
January 29, 2019
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January 29, 2019

The Most Kickass Belize Treehouse You’ve Ever Seen Is Right Here

Have you ever dreamed of having your own tree house? Most people have, but only a few lucky ones have experienced the magic of actually climbing up in one. But Belize tree houses aren’t crude structures with rope ladders like you might’ve wished your parents had built for you. Instead, they are castles in the sky, serving as a glorious introduction to the fantastic world of the Belizean jungle.

Caves Branch, located in the heart of Belize’s pristine interior, is a luxury jungle lodge in Belize with several magnificent tree houses. Each of Caves Branch’s Belize tree houses were built with care, every piece of lumber and elegant, hand-carved furnishings brought in by hand so as not to disturb the beauty and integrity of the surrounding jungle.


As the country’s premier Belize jungle lodge, Caves Branch Lodge knew its guests expected something spectacular. That’s why each tree house has two levels, is big enough to sleep a minimum of six people, and comes with an elegant, screened-in porch so that guests can safely admire the wildlife that lives high up in the jungle canopy. Caves Branch now offers treehouse packages that include lodgings in a magnificent tree house as well as food, transportation, and adventure tours in the surrounding area.

They say that all Belize vacations are magical, but there’s something truly special about falling asleep to Mother Nature’s “soundtrack.” Each tree house is situated to enjoy complete privacy and discretion as well as a commanding view of the surrounding area. And of all the Belize resorts in the country, only Caves Branch offers guests the opportunity to sleep in a luxury tree house.


All the tree houses in Caves Branch are accessed by a gently sloping walkway that is sturdily built and equipped with handrails. All tree houses come with a full range of amenities, including a private bathroom with hot/cold running water and electricity. And once you’re ensconced in one of these lovely tree houses, you may just want to stay there forever!

If you’re interested in Belize travel, then be sure to book your stay in one of Caves Branch Jungle Lodge’s elegant tree houses. Caves Branch can also work with you to create all-inclusive Belize vacations that entail visiting the beach and offshore islands as well as enjoying exciting adventures on the mainland.

Don’t hesitate! Book your stay at one of Belize’s most magnificent tree houses today.

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