Stay Close to Nature in a Belize Tree House

Lonely Planet Ranks Belize a Top 10 Place to Visit in 2019
Lonely Planet Ranks Belize a Top 10 Place to Visit in 2019
November 30, 2018
Eco Tourism in Belize
Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism in Belize
January 18, 2019

Stay Close to Nature in a Belize Tree House

jan and feb in belize

Don’t let the winter get you down. Pack your shorts and flip-flops and come to warm, friendly Belize, where it’s always sunny and the beach is always welcoming. Come and snorkel in our clear blue waters, zip-line through an untouched wilderness, get close and cuddly with our native wildlife or explore an ancient Maya ruins.

January and February are great months to visit Belize. Daytime temperatures are in the 80s and the beach water is still warm. These winter months are also when the fun-loving people of Belize find even more reasons to throw a party.

In January, Belize hosts the Krem New Year’s Cycling Contest, the biggest race in the country. Cheer the riders on and then join them for a celebratory drink in Belize City. Go scuba diving in Belize’s famous Blue Hole or the second largest barrier reef in the world. Visit one of Belize’s wildlife or bird sanctuaries and try to spot manatees, nurse sharks, manta rays, dolphins, jaguars, ocelots, monkeys, toucans and all the other colorful species that call Belize home.

In February, Belize throws its biggest party of the year. The Fiesta de Carnaval is a week-long celebration of dance, song, and local spirit. Parades, flour fights and face painting are all part of the fun.

Belize is known for its wild, unspoiled beauty. When you’re picking a place to stay, why not choose one that lets you fully experience that? The Belize Tree Houses at Caves Branch Lodge are a great choice.

These beautifully appointed tree houses sit in the middle of the unspoiled jungle. Every tree house is equipped with comfortable furnishings, ventilation, a screened patio and a private bathroom. Every tree house has been hand-decorated by local craftsmen to give it a touch of local flavor and rustic charm.

These tree houses have been built with eco-friendly practices and respect for the pristine beauty of Belize. They are built from lumber and stone that were responsibly harvested from local sources. All materials were delivered by hand to avoid disturbing the resident birds and jungle creatures.

Belize had made wildlife conservation a priority. We know that people love Belize for its unspoiled nature. You’ll see that same care in every detail of your tree house. The owners want you to enjoy Belize in its wildest and most untouched state.

Come to warm, friendly Belize and escape the winter chill. Enjoy nature up close in a Belize tree house.

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