To truly experience the beauty and wonder of nature in Belize, Caves Branch Lodge has several exciting eco adventure tours.

With an experienced local bushman as your guide, you can explore all the wildlife and interesting fauna found in the Belizean jungle. Or, for a more exciting thrill, sign up for an overnight jungle expedition where you'll spend two full days and one night deep in the jungle, using bushcraft to build your own shelter and secure food from what's around you.

Other interesting adventure tours include participating in a jungle safari after dark. Over 80% of the animals in the Belizean jungle are only awake at nighttime, making this the perfect time to see animals like gibnuts, wild peccaries, tarantulas, snakes, deer, armadillos, and owls. 

For true adventure enthusiasts, sign up for the legendary Jungle Quest expedition. You'll leave the lodge with only a machete, relying on a bushman guide and your own wilderness skills to survive four full days and three nights deep in the heart of the jungle.

For a more relaxed experience, you can stroll through the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens, the largest in the country, to see hundreds of orchids and other beautiful flowering plants. Another way to see nature at its finest is by participating in an early morning bird watching tour. Many participants see 100 different species in a single morning!

Another great way to learn about the animals that thrive in Belize is with a trip to the Belize Zoo. Less of a standard zoo than an educational center, the Belize Zoo is home to more than 100 indigenous species, and every animal was a rescued or orphaned animal. You can also visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary, a protected area home to seven different villages that work together to protect black howler monkeys (called "baboons" in Belize). And for an interesting combination, sign up for a trip to the Belize Zoo followed by a fun zip line adventure as you fly through the jungle canopy.

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