Is a Belize Adventure Vacation on Your Radar?

Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation
Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation. You Can Make it Happen!
June 13, 2019
Rainforests, Ruins and Reefs: Get Adventurous in Belize
Rainforests, Ruins and Reefs: Get Adventurous in Belize
June 19, 2019

Is a Belize Adventure Vacation on Your Radar?

Is a Belize Adventure Vacation on Your Radar?

You don’t have to talk to a psychologist to understand why the idea of taking an adventure vacation sends your senses into overdrive, but in case you’re curious, a recent study cited by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) reached a conclusion that could shock you: Today’s traveler is “motivated by transformation.” Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, transformation is all about personal growth and one’s willingness to push limits. Where better to do that and more than by seeking the ultimate in adventure travel at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize?

This is the epicenter of adventure in Belize

Few nations in the Western Hemisphere offer as many opportunities to indulge in adventurous opportunities as does Belize. The nation retains its primitive charm and while select destinations like Ambergris Caye have succumbed to manic tourism, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has become a jewel in the nation’s crown; the place intrepid travelers come to be transformed. According to that ATTA study, more than half of all people choosing adventure travel are between the ages of 40 and 60. They don’t let age get in the way of their hunger for thrills.

adventure travel
The man behind the brand

Ian Anderson, the brain behind the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge concept, is keen to make adventure king and provide no-limits opportunities to guests. The Lodge’s activity menu isn’t for the risk-averse: expeditions include dropping into a deep black sinkhole and scaling waterfall cliffs. His most popular tour booking is one he invented himself: Guests sit in oversized inner tubes, float down the river and slip into sacred caves that were once the dominion of Maya priests. This activity is fun for all ages, so even timid visitors get in on the action.

Relaxation and restoration are equally important

Yes, there are plenty of tranquil adventures awaiting those who have no desire to zipline over the forest canopy and they include roaming the Lodge’s lush botanical gardens and investigating above-ground Maya ruins, but it’s the Lodge itself that surprises and delights visitors because it’s so luxurious.

Sleep among the trees

Accommodations include roomy treehouses decorated in tropical splendor and featuring nicely-appointed bathrooms, air conditioning and Wi-Fi so guests can rest and stay connected when they’re not out and about. The onsite restaurant, spa and swimming pool are always guest favorites, but for bird watchers, the opportunity to spot as many of the 300 bird species frequenting Belize is the highlight of their stay.

Staying in a Jungle Treehouse in Belize

Take advantage of adventure on a shoestring offers

Caves Branch reservations staffers are wild about helping guests fill their itineraries with things to do and see. We aim to make sure every guest experiences his or her own definition of adventure, even when it comes to helping members of a large party split up to peruse different adventures. But for those who crave variety, splitting time between jungle and beach offers the very best Belize has to offer.

Does it get any better? It does. Book now, while myriad deals can save visitors a fortune while still delivering on all of the luxury and tours for which the Lodge is known. See which of these summer specials appeals to you. Don’t be surprised if you have difficulty deciding which one is most likely to become your own transformative experience.

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