November 30, 2018
Lonely Planet Ranks Belize a Top 10 Place to Visit in 2019

Lonely Planet Ranks Belize a Top 10 Place to Visit in 2019

The legendary travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has just published their list of the top 10 recommended places to visit in the upcoming year, and Belize […]
November 27, 2018

Aeromexico is now offering direct flights to Belize from Mexico City

For the first time in the company’s history, Aeroméxico began flying to Belize on November 17, 2018. The new route operates twice weekly and connects Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport (code: […]
November 2, 2018
Vacation Packages to Belize from Toronto

Vacation Packages to Belize from Toronto

Looking for a great place to warm up this winter that isn’t too far from home? The good news is that it’s now easier than ever […]
October 27, 2018

Belize in November

With long, sunny days and delightfully warm temperatures, November is one of the best times to visit Belize. Average daytime temperatures are around 82°F (28°C) while evenings temperatures average […]
October 18, 2018
Belize Winter Vacation

Where To Go on Vacation This Winter

Belize – A Great Destination To Warm Up This Winter For many people, Belize is one of those mysterious places that they’ve heard of but seems […]
October 16, 2018

Your Vacation of A Lifetime Is Waiting in Belize

Are you dreaming of getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Have you ever fantasized about visiting a pristine natural landscape where the […]
October 2, 2018
Birding in Belize

Experience Birding at Its Best in Belize

Belize may be a relatively small country, but its unique tropical location and geographic diversity makes it an ideal habitat for an incredible range of wildlife. Birdwatchers may be […]
September 25, 2018
Belize Animals and Plants

The Animals and Plants of the Belizean Rainforest

In Belize, you won’t find any shopping malls, fast food outlets, or even a Starbucks coffee shop. But what you will find is an amazing cornucopia […]
September 21, 2018
belize tree houses vacation

Unique Tree Houses for Your Next Belize Vacation

Belize is rapidly becoming world famous as an eco-tourism destination where travelers can explore incredibly diverse environments ranging from dense jungle to picture postcard-perfect offshore islands. […]
September 12, 2018
Jungle Lodge in Belize

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Jungle Lodge in Belize

Belize is one of the most astoundingly beautiful and unspoiled countries in the world, but many visitors make the mistake of arriving in Belize without having […]
August 29, 2018
Treehouse Stay in the Belize Jungle

A Treehouse Stay in the Belize Jungle

Many people think of vacations as staying in a luxury hotel while exploring nearby attractions, but the fastest growing trend in travel is spending more time […]
August 17, 2018
Coolest Jungle Lodge to Stay in Belize

The Coolest Jungle Lodge to Stay in Belize

Imagine making your way through the deepest jungle, an untouched, wild section of tropical rainforest. Everywhere around you, the sights and sounds of nature call, whether […]
August 9, 2018
Where to stay in Belize

Where to Stay in Belize

Belize is rapidly becoming a go-to destination for eco-tourism thanks to its location in Central America and its strong Caribbean flavor. The country has an extremely low […]
August 7, 2018
Belize Jungle Tree Houses and Reef Adventures

Jungle Tree Houses and Reef Adventures in Belize

Have you ever wanted to explore an authentically wild jungle? A super diverse biosphere absolutely brimming with tropical plants, colorful birds, and exotic wildlife? If so, […]
July 18, 2018
Eco Tourism in Belize

Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism in Belize

With less than 400,000 inhabitants and a government strongly committed to preserving the environment, Belize is rapidly becoming one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the […]
July 11, 2018
Belize Summer Vacation

Get Ready for Your Summer Vacation in Belize

Looking for something truly different to enjoy on your next summer vacation? If so, Belize should definitely be on your agenda. This small country is a […]
June 28, 2018
Cayo District Belize

Cayo District: Pick your adventure in Belize’s ‘Wild West’

Cayo District: ‘Wild West‘ You probably won’t find any cowboys in Belize’s Cayo District, but this enormous district is often nicknamed the “Wild West” due to its incredible diversity of nature, spectacular vistas, […]
June 20, 2018
Belize Wildlife

The Best Place to View Wildlife in Belize

Nature is everywhere in Belize, which is one of the country’s prime attractions. Belize has the lowest population density in all of Central America and one […]
June 14, 2018

The Most Kickass Belize Treehouse You’ve Ever Seen Is Right Here

Have you ever dreamed of having your own tree house? Most people have, but only a few lucky ones have experienced the magic of actually climbing […]
June 6, 2018

5 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Nature Vacation

Sure, it’s easy to find online offers for vacations at high-end luxury hotels, but aren’t you just trading one kind of modern life for another? Instead […]
May 30, 2018

Choose These Incredible Tree Houses For Your Belize Vacation

Incredible Tree Houses in Belize The vibrant colors and rich diversity of the jungles of Belize are one of the country’s greatest attractions, but did you […]
May 23, 2018
Belize Tree Houses

Sleeping in the Canopy of Belize

“Tree houses are the ultimate return to nature.” -Pete Nelson Belize Tree Houses at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge There are plenty of luxury lodges, […]
May 17, 2018
Belize treehouse resort

This Treehouse Lodge In Belize May Just Be Your New Favorite Destination

Whether it’s literary legends like the Swiss Family Robinson or the cultural cachet of the Korowai people, one thing is for sure – there’s something magical […]
May 8, 2018

Dreamy, Magical Tree Houses You Can Totally Rent This Summer in Belize—Really!

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter hotel rooms and boring suites with landscapes on the wall, then you definitely need to experience the Belize Tree Houses at […]
May 5, 2018

Belize Tree Houses to Take Your Vacation to New Heights

Belize Tree Houses At Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge From books and poems to television and movies, there’s simply something magical about tree houses. Today, […]