The Coolest Jungle Lodge to Stay in Belize

Where to stay in Belize
Where to Stay in Belize
August 9, 2018
Treehouse Stay in the Belize Jungle
A Treehouse Stay in the Belize Jungle
August 29, 2018

The Coolest Jungle Lodge to Stay in Belize

Coolest Jungle Lodge to Stay in Belize

Imagine making your way through the deepest jungle, an untouched, wild section of tropical rainforest. Everywhere around you, the sights and sounds of nature call, whether it’s the whirring flight of a flock of exotic birds or the piercing cry of a troop of black howler monkeys. Undisturbed, ancient, and free, the Belizean jungle is one of the most vibrant and alive eco-systems on the planet.

And there, perched high in the jungle canopy, is a wonderful sight – a luxury tree house! Two stories tall and with a full range of modern comforts, the jungle tree houses of Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch Jungle Lodge is the perfect place to retreat from the modern world.

Imagine falling asleep to nature’s soundtrack. Imagine inhaling in the perfume of a thousand blossoming tropical flowers. Imagine sitting outside in your very own soaker tub, gazing up at the stars. Imagine waking up with a hot cup of your favorite brew and watching the jungle come to life with the sunrise. All this and more can be yours when you choose to stay in a luxury tree house at Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

And when you’re ready to explore, Caves Branch is the premier adventure lodge in Belize. Whether it’s relaxing activities like bird watching, cave tubing (floating down subterranean rivers), or meandering through the property’s Botanical Garden with the largest orchids and native epiphytes Caves Branch is the perfect place to relax and get away from all the stresses and strains of modern life.

Or, perhaps, you want something more adventurous rock climbing through underground waterfalls, exploring caves with ancient maya artifacts still visible, night safaris in the jungle, or rappelling down the infamous Black Hole Drop. Whether you like it wild or mild, Caves Branch has an adventure just right for you.

Caves Branch is a top Belize jungle lodge with a full range of modern services, including a multi-leveled swimming pool, fully stocked bar, and a delightful restaurant serving up heaping helpings of both Belizean favorites and international cuisine.

Each tree house at the lodge was built entirely by hand so as to minimize its impact on the environment. And each tree house is able to sleep up to six people and comes with a private bathroom with hot/cold running water and electricity. Each tree house also comes with its own screened-in porch, so you can relax and admire the scenery in total comfort.

If you’re ready to enjoy an authentic jungle experience, book your stay at one of Cave Branch’s tree houses today.

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