The Best Place to View Wildlife in Belize

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June 6, 2018
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The Best Place to View Wildlife in Belize

Belize Wildlife

Nature is everywhere in Belize, which is one of the country’s prime attractions. Belize has the lowest population density in all of Central America and one of the lushest landscapes on the planet. More than 600 bird species have been recorded in Belize and a cornucopia of exotic animals roam the jungles and rainforests on the mainland, including jaguars, armadillos, ocelots, and huge tapirs.

Theoretically, just about anywhere in Belize will give a visitor a chance to see some of this wildlife, but if you really want to see the fauna in Belize at its finest, you need to head deep into the jungle. And no place is better situated for wildlife spotting than Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Situated just outside of Belmopan in the middle of thousands of square miles of pristine jungle, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is the country’s premier Belize jungle lodge. And for true nature lovers, nothing can compare to spending the night in one of the Belize tree houses on the Lodge’s property.

Each tree house was lovingly crafted by local artisans who carried in every stick of lumber by hand in order not to disturb the beauty and integrity of the surrounding jungle. But make no mistake, these tree houses are luxury accommodations that are ideal for travelers wanting to enjoy authentic Belize wildlife vacations. The tree houses are two-story, modern structures complete with electricity, private bathrooms with hot/cold running water, and a spacious, screened-in porch ideal for experiencing Belize nature up close and personal.

Each tree house at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is situated to offer guests complete privacy and an unobstructed view of the surrounding nature. And don’t worry about having to shimmy up a rope ladder to get to the tree house as there are modern wooden ramps complete with handrails.

For 25 years, Caves Branch has served as the premier Belize jungle lodge in the country. Now a luxury lodge, Caves Branch specializes in Belize adventures in the surrounding jungle, including bird watching expeditions, caving, hiking, rock climbing, and cave tubing. And the tree houses at the Lodge are absolutely ideal for anyone interested in Belize wildlife vacations.

If some Belize travel is in your near future and you want to see some of the incredible wildlife in the country, be sure to book your stay at one of the tree houses at Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch Jungle Lodge.

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