Belize Wellness Vacation: Retreat. Reset. Recharge. Renew!

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March 25, 2019
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Belize Wellness Vacation: Retreat. Reset. Recharge. Renew!


“Travel+Leisure” magazine editors were on the cutting edge of vacation tracking in 2018 when they ran a huge profile on the subject of wellness travel. This unique type of vacation was already trending. In just a year, it has grown more popular, which is why hotels and resorts around the globe have jumped on the bandwagon.

While the idea is terrific, popularity has delivered a downside to those eager to accept invitations to retreat, reset and recharge: Some destinations have become so expensive, only the rich and famous can afford them.

Don’t sulk if you’re not rich and famous. There’s a nearby nation with your mental and physical health in mind: Belize. And when it comes to a complete wellness vacation designed to keep you feeling happy and energized, Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge achieves that goal and more.

Situated in the middle of a lush jungle, this former camp ground equipped with a single outhouse has morphed into an extraordinary, posh jungle lodge located deep into Mother Nature’s territory. Words like “beautifully appointed” and “sophisticated” are frequently used to describe this unique lodge nestled into a pristine jungle.

On premises perks include gorgeous treehouses furnished in tropical splendor, an onsite swimming pool adjacent to the Lodge that offers therapeutic swims to the small number of guests residing at the lodge at any given time, and 15 acres of botanical gardens are especially lush. Just strolling through them is restorative.

If one of the ways you recharge is to stay active every moment you’re not sleeping, Cave’s Branch has it all. Excursions include horseback riding, caving trips, ziplining, visits to ancient Maya sites and activities that befit the Belize destination dubbed “the adventure capital of the nation.”

You’ll even eat healthy. Organic dishes served at the Cave’s Branch restaurant are awesome, so if you come with travel mates who run in the opposite direction every time they hear “healthy food,” you don’t have to tell them in advance! They’ll never guess.

Who frequents Caves Branch? Local wildlife shows up on occasion to check out guests, as do couples, honeymooners, families, adventure junkies, LGBTQ travelers, and groups. Anyone in search of paradise. This is a remarkable place that does not disappoint, and summer rates are compelling.

Where to start your relaxation experience? With a full-body massage, of course. And if you’re like most guests, you won’t limit your massages to just one—-if you can find time in your busy schedule. That’s why guests love in-room massages when they’re too tired to go to the spa. Pampering. Exploring. Discovering. Wellness vacations don’t get any better!

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