5 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Nature Vacation

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May 30, 2018
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5 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Nature Vacation

Sure, it’s easy to find online offers for vacations at high-end luxury hotels, but aren’t you just trading one kind of modern life for another? Instead of cooping up in a fancy resort in an overcrowded tourist destination, here are five great reasons to make your next trip a nature vacation:

1 – Getting Away from the Crush and Grind 

We’re all guilty of it, putting in long hours in order to make ends meet and get ahead in this crazy, bustling world that we all live in. A nature vacation is much more than just a pause from the daily crush but a return to an environment that is healthy for our minds, souls, and bodies. Breathing fresh air, witnessing the myriad colors of birds, plants, and animals, and hearing the roar of a majestic waterfall in the jungle is guaranteed to renew your spirit.

2 – It’s Good for Your Health 

Getting outdoors and away from urban congestion is much more than just relaxing, it’s also good for your physical health. Whether it’s problems with insomnia, high blood pressure, or the deleterious effects of too much stress, spending time outdoors is a natural tonic.

3 – Taking a Break From the Screens 

Sure, resorts and lodges in Belize have internet, but you’re guaranteed NOT to get a Wi-Fi signal out in the jungle. Taking a trip to Belize is a great way to break your “addiction” to your phone and enjoy a slower, more natural pace of life.

4 – Falling Asleep to Mother Nature’s Soundtrack 

All the streaming radio, white noise CDs, and ambient music in the world cannot compare to the soothing lullaby of Mother Nature’s own soundtrack. When you choose to stay in a modern tree house perched high up in the jungle canopy, you’ll enjoy the 360-degree sights – and sounds – that nature provides.

5 – Birdwatching 

With its enormous rainforests and thick jungles, Belize is a natural haven for birds. The Audubon Society has recorded over 600 different bird species in Belize, including endangered species like the yellow-headed parrot and the ocellated turkey. Birds are one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Whether brightly colored or with spare plumage, the chirping, tweeting, and songs of birds are a special kind of auditory pleasure, one that many people associated with nature itself. When birds flourish, you know that you’re in a healthy eco-system.

If you’d like to experience the power and wonder of a nature vacation, book your trip at Ian Anderson’s Belize Tree Houses today.

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