Your Next Vacation Should be to the Belize Jungle

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January 29, 2019
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February 14, 2019

Your Next Vacation Should be to the Belize Jungle

Belize jungle

From its pristine beaches to its winding rivers, the nation of Belize has long been renowned for its stunning natural beauty. However, there is perhaps nothing more awe-inspiring than the sight of Belize’s many lush jungles.

Of course, these jungles aren’t just the home to a wide variety of exotic plant and animal species. In fact, they are also a fabulous place to vacation in. After all, there are so many things that you can see and do in the Belizean jungle that are tough to replicate anywhere else, such as:

Finding Hidden Waterfalls

The lush jungles of Belize are truly packed with waterfalls – both small and large. Though you will always have the option of hiring a professional guide to bring you to some of the best ones, many travelers prefer to get advice from locals or other adventurers. Once you find your hidden Belizean waterfall, you won’t ever forget it.

Eating Some Delicious Food

No matter where you go on vacation, it is always a good idea to try some of the local cuisines. This is certainly true of the Belizean jungle. For a taste of local produce, you can enjoy fresh and exotic fruit such as soursop or apple banana. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more hearty meal, you can try a dish of rice, beans, and stewed chicken.

Enjoy The Beautiful Weather

There really is no bad time to visit Belize. After all, the average annual temperature sits at around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. So no matter what time of year you plan on traveling to the lush jungles of Belize, you are sure to have plenty of time to take in some glorious sunshine. Of course, since it is a jungle, you should also expect some rain from time to time. After all, that water is what keeps the landscape so beautiful and green.

Belize Tree Houses

During your time in the Belizean jungle, you will, of course, need somewhere to stay – and there is perhaps no better option than the tree houses at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Here, you will be able to enjoy the jungle lifestyle without ever needing to sacrifice any of your much-needed amenities. That’s because each tree house comes equipped with features such as cooling, electricity, a private bathroom, and some luxurious furniture.

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