Jungle Tree Houses and Reef Adventures in Belize

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January 18, 2019
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January 29, 2019

Jungle Tree Houses and Reef Adventures in Belize

Belize Jungle Tree Houses and Reef Adventures

Have you ever wanted to explore an authentically wild jungle? A super diverse biosphere absolutely brimming with tropical plants, colorful birds, and exotic wildlife? If so, then Belize is definitely where you need to head on your next vacation.

Belize is only about 60 miles (96 km) wide, but the vast majority of it is covered in incredibly dense, thick jungle. All kinds of animals call the jungle home, including the legendary jaguar that was worshipped by the ancient Maya. The Maya built some of their most impressive pyramids, palaces, and temples in the jungles of Belize, many of them elaborately carved with friezes of jaguars and other wild animals.

The jungle is the perfect place to enjoy some Belize family travel time. Little kids will love spotting birds (more than 600 species have been recorded in the country!), visiting ancient Maya sites, and learning about the many flowers and animals that can be found in the jungle. And older kids can participate in fun jungle Belize adventures like rappelling, horseback riding, and cave tubing (using an inner tube to navigate vast underground rivers).

The jungle is also a pretty good place for Belize honeymoons as well. There’s just something romantic about being surrounded by wild nature. And with so many fun adventures to choose from, honeymoons in Belize are a great way for newlyweds to bond with one another.

If you’re looking for the ideal Belize jungle resort, choose Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Caves Branch is the oldest adventure lodge in the country and offers luxurious accommodations right in the middle of the jungle complete with a swimming pool, gourmet restaurant, and spa center.

And there’s simply no finer place to stay than in one of the Belize treehouses at Caves Branch. These luxury, two-story residences are built hundreds of feet up in the air, each commanding a private view of the surrounding nature. Each tree house also comes with a private bathroom with hot/cold running water, electricity, and a spacious screened-in porch, the perfect place to admire the view.

Caves Branch Lodge offers a number of Belize vacation packages for families, groups, honeymooners, and couples wanting to enjoy a romantic getaway. These Belize all-inclusive deals include ground transportation, lodging, meals, and your choice of exciting adventures in the surrounding area.

If you’re ready to discover what Belize vacations in the jungle are all about, contact Caves Branch Jungle Lodge today!

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