Belize in April and May: Could This Become Your Favorite “Season”?

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April 5, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Belize in April and May: Could This Become Your Favorite “Season”?


Have you ever heard the term “awkward travel months” used to describe April and May vacations? These months tend to represent the juxtaposition of winter and summer as restless souls shake off the winter blues, yet it’s not exactly the time to take that summer vacation you’ve traditionally reserved for June through August.

Perhaps it’s time to launch your own travel tradition by earmarking late spring/early summer and declaring it a season of discovery that offers endless unique experiences in a nation that’s equally unique: Belize. Why April and May? For these reasons and more:

-The weather is positively blissful
-You get to avoid annoying crowds
-Easter is a not-to-miss experience
-You can canoe to your heart’s content
-Belize hosts a Cross Country Cycling Classic
-Caves, Maya ruins and heritage sites beg to be explored
-Cool May nights delight visitors
-Dive with whale sharks or discover inspiring waterfalls
-Refresh and revive when “Iguana rains” disappear faster than these clever creatures
-Plan to spend days, not hours, at Belize’s May Agricultural Fair.

Wrap up your unique vacation in style by booking a jungle lodge that fits perfectly into the new “season” you’re planning to celebrate: Ian Anderson’s Cave’s Branch Lodge, an experience so out-of-the-ordinary, you may not believe what see on our website.

Our remarkable jungle lodge gives Belize visitors a true natural setting that literally offers you the option of sleeping in a treehouse that looks out over the savanna from on high. Turn your back on the view to find tropical splendor: accommodations that are so lush, guests insist that leaving, even for meals, is hard!

The Lodge itself is a lush, communal space that offers guests pool time as well as an eatery and massage center, but it’s the access to grand adventures that brings guests from around the world back repeatedly, and these opportunities include more than just the list you read above.

Make April and May your first choice in Belize travel—-whether it’s to get married, celebrate an anniversary, relax, get active, honeymoon or just lounge around the pool between massages and gourmet meals.

Surrounded by nature, including a lush botanical garden capable of restoring one’s equilibrium, Cave’s Branch will clear your head and rejuvenate you, turning those “awkward travel months” of April and May into the only time of year you’ll want to visit Belize!

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