The Best Jungle Lodge For A Belize Family Adventure

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July 24, 2019
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July 24, 2019

The Best Jungle Lodge For A Belize Family Adventure

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Traveling abroad with kids isn’t difficult if you pick a place that’s a few hours from home by air and a nation that offers so much to see, parents are shocked to see their kids eyeballs diverted from their cell phones! That kid-friendly place is Belize and you can make an unforgettable journey there without liquidating the kid’s college fund—but first, you need a little preparation.

Get your hands on a copy of “Junior Buddy,” the sweet story of an adorable jaguar born at the Belize Zoo written by “New York Times” bestselling nonfiction author, Craig Hatkoff. Share the tale with your youngsters and then ask them how they would like to sleep in a treehouse.

Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s time to show them where you’ll stay when visiting Belize by going to the Cave’s Branch Jungle site so your youngsters know that you’re not “kidding” around. Moms and Dads will do happy dances because the prospect of an all-inclusive vacation means they can actually relax.

Kids Love Exploring Belize

While you and your overworked spouse grab time to stroll the lush botanical garden that surrounds this unique lodge, your kids can use binoculars to peek over the tree canopy from the balcony as they jump up and down at the thought of the activity menu you’ve selected to keep their minds and eyes engaged:

-The possibility of spotting more than 300 species of birds
-A family float into a cave on inner tubes to look for signs of Mayan treasures
-Horseback riding and river canoeing
-Chances to spot curious wild animals inhabiting surrounding jungles
-For older kids, dropping into the heart-pounding black hole as a family.

Of course, there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied at the Lodge where the swimming pool brings the few families staying at this intimate jungle lodge together. The restaurant and bar serve delicious meals, beverage selections are exotic and plentiful, and you may meet Ian Anderson, the man who was clever enough to turn this former shack and outhouse into a posh jungle lodge.

But it’s the beauty, fragrances, and sounds of this primeval jungle that capture everyone’s imaginations and show you why Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge is regularly voted visitors #1 Lodge pick by travel rating authorities, CNN and Fox News. The juxtaposition of luxury and nature can change forever the way your kids look at the world. And if you take the kids to the zoo before leaving Belize, seeing Junior Buddy in person is likely to be their most memorable stop of all.

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