Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, One of The Most Romantic Places For Couples in Belize

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Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, One of The Most Romantic Places For Couples in Belize


There’s no denying that popular lifestyle magazines fill their pages with articles addressing the topic of how to keep romance exciting and fresh, so it was no surprise when writer Melissa Melms made a convincing argument for keeping love alive and vibrant by traveling together for “Glamour” magazine.

Why address this topic? Because couples tend to put off vacations and dedicated “together time” for any number of reasons. Some can’t get away from work. Others are flat broke. In concert, they think, “Why bother to spend the time and money when we can just snuggle at home, watch movies and let nature take its course?”

We’ve got news for you: Stay at home and you could put your relationship on dangerous footing. Couples who make time to get away and travel together stay together longer. Can you afford to say no to a romantic getaway if you’re reassured that there’s a place to go that’s not just romantic but also affordable?

Belize has become the Caribbean go-to destination for couples over the past few years. Pick a time of year that’s not during high season, and you can afford to travel together. There’s more to add to your recipe for romance: adventure travel is one of the most life-affirming elements you can add to your relationship when you travel. The time to take that romantic/adventurous trip is now!

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Where to go and what to do in Belize

If you find that “atmosphere” and “surroundings” are critical to romance, you’ll sit up and take notice of our invitation to vacation in a lush treehouse at Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge. You’ll see as much (or as little) humanity as you wish and save money if you take advantage of seasonal deals, adventure packages, and other perks.

Surrounded by tropical splendor, lush gardens and digs that encourage intimacy, feel free to check in and disappear from sight for a couple of days (room service will sustain you). Once you’ve properly wound down, avail yourself of adventures guaranteed to delight and thrill you.

Try a tranquil tubing ride down river that ends in a mystical cave. Shore up your collective courage and zip line over trees harnessed to safety gear that’s guaranteed to spike your blood pressure numbers higher than a good lovemaking session. Ride horses, dive and snorkel Belize’s Barrier Reef.

Return each day to the Jungle Lodge where you’ll enjoy delicious meals, a refreshing pool, hot tubs and it doesn’t get much better than the ultimate couples dual massage experience. 

Explore the depths of your relationship as you relax and decompress, understanding that your time away from the world has no equal. Rejuvenating, renewing and rediscovering is a mantra you will want to adopt as you make time for your precious relationship and where better to do it all than in paradise?

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