Far From the Ordinary: The 2019 Belize Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime!

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Far From the Ordinary: The 2019 Belize Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime!


What comes to mind when you hear someone use the word “ordinary”? Do you yawn? Think, “What’s wrong with you?” Maybe your life’s ambition is to do everything possible to avoid being ordinary—and this includes vacations. If that describes you, Belize is calling your name and putting out the welcome mat for the adventure vacation you’ve dreamed about but never thought you could find.

First, you need the right setting. If just the word “jungle” gets your brain spinning, images of Caves Branch Jungle Lodge will stop you in your tracks. A luxe compound hidden amid thickly-forested land that’s home to wildlife? This is it. Intrepid travelers who have already heard about or visited this unique jungle lodge tend not to be the “Let’s hunker down on the beach” types. They’re in it to win it.

As the acknowledged capital of jungle excitement, visitors to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge expect to have their blood pressure numbers raised on a daily basis, thanks to the lodge’s lengthy menu of activities that include cave tubing, waterfall cave plundering and chances to drop into a mysterious black hole tethered to the best safety equipment on the market.

Opportunities to visit Maya sacrificial and ceremonial sites both above and below ground are bountiful. If these don’t get your heart rate up, ziplining over the jungle’s tree canopy will! With all of this excitement, you may expect to find yourself sleeping in primitive, rugged housing or a hammock, but Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has morphed from a bare-bones campsite into the very definition of a 5-star accommodation.

From jungle suites, cabanas and bungalows to tree houses so posh, they render guests speechless, every luxury a traveler could want is provided. How would you like to relax after a day of testing your mettle in the hot tub attached to a private tree house? You could also pursue a more relaxed agenda: gather with other guests at the Lodge’s epicenter where gourmet food and a swimming pool are surrounded by breathtaking botanical gardens lavished with orchids and Bromeliads.

Who comes to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge? Families. Honeymooners. Seasoned adventurers. Especially visitors bored by the ordinary who seek a respite from cookie-cutter adventure experiences that don’t always turn out to provide the variety and stimulation one might wish. In fact, “over-stimulated” is a word we hear often when guests check out and head home, feeling invigorated and thrilled to have met nature’s challenges and come away victorious. Exhaustion? Oh, yes. But isn’t that what adventure travelers crave?

Discover the true meaning of unique and different from the moment you preview the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge menu of offerings. Incredible doesn’t begin to describe what you will find if you come, but perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the way you think about yourself after you’ve been tested at each exotic site you visit and come away feeling powerful and ready to face anything life throws your way. This rare experience isn’t for everyone–which is why it’s exactly right for you! Take advantage of seasonal discounts to book your place in the jungle soon, because lodgings book well in advance. Just don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a life-changing experience that remains in your memory forever.

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