Belize Tree Houses At Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

Few resorts in Belize can compare to the natural splendor of the luxury tree houses at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge.

Each tree house comes with a full range of modern conveniences and comfort, including a private bathroom (with hot and cold running water), electricity, cooling ventilation, and lovely furnishings. The tree houses offer rustic flavor with an upscale dimension, allowing guests to be literally immersed in the wild, natural beauty of the Belizean jungle.

Each Treehouse Unit is slightly different. Some tree houses are built hundreds of feet up in the air and allow guests to enjoy watching birds and other animals at treetop height. Other tree houses are a bit closer to the ground but are strategically situated so as to enjoy a commanding view of the surrounding river valley.

All of our carefully designed Treehouses come with a screened-in porch so that you can see and hear the wildlife as well as enjoy the intoxicating perfume of hundreds of flowering jungle plants. Instead of plopping in front of a television at the end of the day, guests of our tree houses can experience the jungle with all of their senses while remaining protected from inquisitive animals and creepy crawlies.

To add to the beauty and luxury of your Treehouse, you should know that each was built with care and love so that guests can fully enjoy an immersive jungle experience while minimizing their impact on the pristine eco-system that makes Belize so beautiful. Every square foot of lumber and every furnishing in the tree houses was brought in by hand so as not to disturb the animals and plants in the jungle, a heroic effort that guests will only fully appreciate when they enjoy the walk up to their tree house.

All of the furnishings in the tree houses at Ian Anderson's Cave Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge is also locally sourced, including hardwoods sustainably harvested from the rainforests of Belize and marble imported from neighboring Guatemala and Mexico. Local Belizean craftsmen have also added individual, artistic touches to give each of our tree houses a lovely, rustic charm.

Although our tree house collection offers upscale accommodations, guests should be aware that the electrical power is provided by an on-site generator. Therefore, guests are kindly requested to use it for low-power needs such as recharging computers and phones and not items like hair dryers or appliances.

If you've ever dreamed of having your own tree house, you simply must come and stay in one of our luxury tree houses. It's the only way to truly enjoy a fully immersive experience of the Belizean jungle!